As an Ambassador, your job is to spread the word of TipStart, at your university. Nowadays universities can be disparate and siloed places so we’ve created this toolkit to make it easier for you to get the word out far and wide. This includes:

  1. A Discord channel for meeting and chatting with other TipStart Ambassadors, so you can compare notes and share ideas.
  2. A library of content - graphics, text and a brochure - to help you communicate TipStart to fellow students and faculty.
  3. A couple of case study examples, showing you different approaches taken by two fictional ambassadors.

The first thing you can do if successful in your application to be an ambassador is log into your LinkedIn and add TipStart to your experience list. Use ‘TipStart Ambassador’ as the job title. This will connect you to a growing community of TipStart users and act as a passive advert to any university friends or peers that check out your profile. You could also add our handle into your bio on other social media platforms and, to really maximise engagement, why not post on your Linkedin or Insta accounts to tell your followers the good news?

BUT REMEMBER: there is no replacement for good old fashioned conversations. Social media is loud and relentless. Be as creative in the real world as possible. Get in touch with societies, be present in the campus coffee shop, put posters up in careers areas. Every sign up counts.

Chat GPT

Chat GPT can be used to create marketing content, including social media posts, blog articles, email newsletters, and more. It can both generate ideas and write emails, posts and captions for you. You just need to create a free account and enter some good prompts, specifying the key messages you want to convey and audiences you want to reach. For example:

Remember: Chat GPT won’t know exactly what TipStart is, and may assume it has features or characteristics that apply to other, similar initiatives. While it can write the narrative for you, you will still need to check the details. If there’s ever anything you’re not sure of, always ask us.

Discord Channel

Create a Discord account here. A member of our team will be in touch once your TipStart Ambassador application has been approved, to invite you to join our TipSter Server.


Visual Assets

Stock TipStart Language

University Partnerships Brochure

Case Study #1

Julia was a second year political student at the University of Eyam. She planned to access a wide range of other students by building relationships with faculty in relevant departments. She focused on the university’s politics, economics and business academic departments. Over a few weeks she had coffees with the relevant careers teams in each department and explained TipStart.

After getting to know all the right people, Julia used the TipStart University Partnerships brochure to draft a couple of emails that departments could send to their students. She also shared some of the stock visual assets that could be included in the emails to make them more visually gripping.