Evlaa send you notification emails to follow the use of your collections and to know if your client is currently selecting your photos or not.

We send you two types of emails :

  1. One email when a new client is looking at your collectionNote : Only on the first connexion to avoid spams ;-)
  2. One email when your client finished their selectionNote : When they click on the "Send my Selection" button and when they validate it.

If you don't receive these emails, different reasons are possible :

  1. Check on your Spam folder, we never know...?

  2. Check the email you filled on the publish service settings to be sure there is no mistakes on it


  3. You sent the wrong Url and they are using your email instead. If you log in to your collection with your email and then copy and past the url from your browser, your client will use your email. This url contains indeed an id from your email. (With that solution, the selection can be done in several time).In case you sent this url to your client, you can retrieve the selection the email you used. Note : That could be a tips if you prefer that your client go directly to the collection without login ;-)

  4. Your client didn't validate their selection, you don't receive the second email and that's normal. To receive it, your client need to click on the validate button.

  5. We could have a problem, in that case, we are currently working on it for sure :-) Don't hesitate to tell us any issues you encountered in order to fix it quickly.