<aside> 🚇 On this page: Step-by-step guide for connecting your Recruitee and Orgnostic accounts.

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Extract more value from your Recruitee account by connecting it to Orgnostic. Orgnostic can use the data from Recruitee to generate metrics for the Talent acquisition chapter. By analyzing these metrics you’ll be able to enhance your understanding of the effectiveness of recruitment operations in your organization.

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Before you start

<aside> ⚠️ Account requirements: you need access to a Recruitee account with admin privileges to complete this task.


<aside> 🚧 Caveat: third-party services and platforms may change the layout of their user interface and render this guide obsolete. We do our best to keep it up to date, but if you notice any discrepancies, please write to team@ognostic.com and we will fix the issue ASAP.


Video tutorial

The video tutorial covers the steps from this guide.


Fetch API key from Recruitee

  1. Log into your Recruitee account
  2. From the main navigation, click your profile picture
  3. From the left-hand navigation, go to Personal Settings and click Personal API tokens (under the Apps and plugins dropdown)
  4. Click New token, give it the name “Orgnostic” and click Save


  1. Verify your identity and enter your password
  2. Once you click Continue, you should get a key that looks similar to this: