It has indeed been a long holiday break for many, particularly with the international situation we are in. However, this certainly was not an opportunity for our team to have a break.

Last time we managed to develop a proof of concept end to end. Now it's time to present what we did properly.


We aim to work on improving our blog, making a project website, and producing an elevator pitch.

<aside> 🎯 **What are we looking to achieve?

  1. Improve Our Blog** So far, many of our blog entries were walls of text without many interactive elements. We want to change that and re-iterate on all previous articles.

2. Make a Project Website It is logical to make a corporate-style website where we advertise the advantages and applications of our product, and make a call for industry partners to join us.

3. Produce an Elevator Pitch Having a pitch is something very key if we are to look for anything beyond one product with one client.


Improved Blog

We started rewriting our articles to have a clean structure - intro, goals, progress, next steps. In addition, every section must have interactive and visual elements. The best way to see that is to simply go around our blog! For example, try out the following article:

26/11/2020 Voiceflow JSON Diagram Extraction, Interpretation and Twilio Viability

Project Website

We are happy to have purchased the domain We have created email accounts for our team at, and for every individual team member, such as,, and

We've made a website accessible on that same domain (that is, Go click through it! It is very business-style, meaning, we focus on the problem we are solving and the value we are creating, not exactly how this is made from an engineering perspective.

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