Web Operations


You are learning the basic principles of web operations. You work under close supervision and are not expected to work on customer-facing or mission-critical systems independently.

Career advancement: Junior Engineer

Junior Engineer

You have extensive experience with Linux systems and most major Internet technologies, and are qualified to administer most types of systems we have in production. You contribute to shipping projects without much supervision.

You are committed to keep up with the practices, methods, conventions and standards of web operations. You actively seek guidance from other team members and routinely engage in collaborative work such as pair programming.

Career advancement: Senior Engineer

Senior Engineer

You are familiar with current industry practices and therefore can work independently as necessary. You make significant contributions to projects, and have experience in each of the basic lifecycle steps needed to ship a product.

You are very competent in all areas of web operations and infrastructure automation. You propose design approaches for review and seek agreement from your peers and manager.

Your competence extends to systems architecture, project planning, documentation, fit and finish, and other project-level issues. You consistently deliver results in the expected quality and within the given boundaries of time and resources.

You have excellent teamwork skills, and provide guidance and mentoring to other team members. You are committed to a steady self-study program, reading web articles, books and journals.

Career advancement: Principal Engineer

Principal Engineer

You have consistently had major success during your participation in all aspects of small and large projects and have been essential to those projects’ successes. You have a track record of consistently rendering clear technical judgment and routinely consider architecture-level and project-planning issues.

You are innovative and contribute beyond your assigned tasks. You deliver complete, fully-baked infrastructure components, from specs and prototypes, complete with documentation, management interfaces, automatic build and deployment routines, etc., which have been tested internally and externally.

You are a strong technical project manager, and as such, scaling yourselves by delegating work effectively without micromanaging. You focus on the whole team’s productivity, and strive to increase the impact of the team’s work product. You ensure that projects are conducted in ways that benefit the project objectives, the people participating in the project, and the long-term interests of the business.

You mentor others and actively seek accountability. You regularly share your knowledge in blog posts, at relevant industry conferences and user group meetings.

You collaborate effectively with your manager and other areas of the business. You are empowered to make independent decisions for the team and know how to handle difficult leadership situations.