In most of the WordPress content types (by default "Pages" and "Posts"), there is the possibility to add a "featured image".

This image is very important: it is the one that will appear when you share the URL (= address) of your web page on social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.). It is also the image that will be used in the content listings on your site: list of the latest news, display of search results, etc.

We invite you to take this into account in your daily work as an editor:

  1. *1. Always include a featured image with your content
  2. use an impactful visual, so that it stands out in the content flow of users on social networks
  3. It is a good opportunity to impose your brand identity. For example, propose images framed in the same way, with a particular visual treatment (desaturation, filters, etc.), with a logo or a short text on top, show illustrations, etc.

More advanced mechanisms can be set up on request: