Diamond DAO

Diamond DAO's community is passionate about building data-driven tools to help people connect with Web3 communities aligned with their passions.

We are building Chainverse, a curator-driven platform for exploring Web3 communities.

Chainverse will help the leaders of Web3 communities design best practices, find collaborators, surface underappreciated investment opportunities, and develop creative approaches to solving complex operational challenges.

Talent Network

Chainverse will be driven by the Diamond DAO's talent network, a community of domain experts from the most innovative Web3 communities.

Diamond DAO's talent network includes domain experts from backgrounds ranging from DAO operations specialists and data scientists and investors and journalists.

Research priorities

Talent network members receive an NFT credential that qualifies them for funding on research projects aligned with Chainverse research priorities and perks from Chainverse research sponsors.

  1. Best practices for community design and operations
  2. Emerging patterns in Web3 community partnerships and product integrations
  3. Strategies for NFT artists and creators to build their audiences and find collectors
  4. Challenges faced by professionals transitioning into Web3
    1. Web3 data and analytics infrastructure

Who we are looking for

You don't need to be "Web3 OG" to make valuable contributions as a Diamond DAO talent network member. Some talent network members are DAO operations specialists or investors at Web3 focused funds -- others are journalists, artists, and data scientists.What we value most is hands-on experience building for and with Web3 communities; through Chainverse, we can scale your hard-earned knowledge to build a public good that makes it easier for everyone to navigate Web3 communities.

Talent network members will receive on-chain credentials to signal their expertise and meaningful compensation, paid in stablecoin and Diamond DAO token.

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Last updated 2022-05-02