🧩 Serial Problem-Solver, 😇 Spiritual Seeker

💼 Technology Lead @ Micron Digital / Romos.io

🚀 Founder @ Kumu / Mynd , Ex-Founder @ LiveGauge

👨‍🚀 About Me

A creative and multi-faceted tech geek with an entrepreneurial spirit, experienced full-stack developer, music / movies / photography enthusiast, nature / travel junkie, and science nerd

Favorite subjects: technology, psychology, cosmology, philosophy, sociology, media, literature

🎯 Objectives

🕵️‍♂️ Summary

Front-end: React JS, React Native, Angular, Vue, Android/iOS (Flutter/Dart)

Back-end: Node.js, Mongo, Elasticsearch, Firebase, AWS, Google Cloud, Azure

Languages: Javascript, Python, C - Experience with Bash, Lua, Dart