1. Support & Questions

If you have any questions, need support, want to share ideas or feature requests, or just want to say hi, please write to us directly:

2. Manage your content consumption

Adding content to Beyond is the most common thing that you'll do. Once it's in Beyond, then you can start to manage your consumption of content, and take back control by visiting your workspace here.

2.1 Adding something to Beyond

There are two main ways of adding content to the platform:

  1. Using the big input bar on top of your /content page. Type the shortcut ⌘ + K (on Mac) or CTRL + K (on Windows) to focus the input field.

  1. Using the Beyond Chrome extension, if you're using the Chrome browser. This is the most convenient as you're browsing the web.

2.2 Search your content

Clicking on the search icon on the top right in your workspace allows you to search through your bookmarks. Type the shortcut ⌘ + F (on Mac) or CTRL + F (on Windows) to focus the search input field.

After you hit enter the search terms is displayed just above the content items. Remove it by clicking the cross on the right side.

2.3 Filter your content

On desktop or tablet you can find the filters on the left side in your workspace, on mobile you need to click the filter icon (right image) to open the filters in a modal.