Creating a new account and choosing a service

Create an account using your name and email address on

After creating an account you will be asked to verify your e-mail address simply by following the link form email. Email verification is mandatory.

To move on you have to choose specific service you are seeking: Picksell Platform or Picksell Pay. The service can be selected while registration or later in your Picksell account, Pricing Plan section.

<aside> 💡 In case of Picksell Platform service you have to go through several simple steps to launch your store:

You can pass the steps in any order at your convenience.

In case of Picksell Pay service you can learn more about activating your Picksell Pay account via link.


Basic simplified verification

Step 1: Company details

Company name

Enter the name of your company, i.e. Picksell LTD.

If you are a freelancer or self-employed please enter your full name.

<aside> 💡 Business name is limited by 255 characters.


Company registration number

Enter the company registration number. You can find it on the certificate of registration.

If you are a freelancer or self-employed please enter your personal tax ID or another tax identification number (the number you use to register your income taxes from self-employment).

Business activity