Our goal is to make any decisions for next steps within 48 hours on each of the steps below. As soon as we have a final hiring decision during any stage, we will let you know. Feel free to let us know if there are any other timelines or constraints on your side we can be mindful of.

1. Introduction call | 15 min

Let's meet! This call gives us a chance to say hi, introduce Memberstack, and answer your questions. There will likely be 1-3 team members in this call.

Prior to this call, we'll send over some high-level salary expectations to confirm we're in the same ballpark.

2. Skills chat | 30 min

We'll set up some time for you to have a quick, informal chat with 2 or 3 members of our team. Feel free to bring your questions about the role or any technical aspects you want to chat about and we'll be happy to help answer those.

We want to share what skills we think are required to be successful in this role and to hear your experience with those things.

To keep things streamlined before/after the call, we'll invite you to our publicĀ Community Slack. We'll kick-off a private chat thread as an accessible communication channel between you and the Memberstack team, so you can reach us directly or ask us questions anytime along the process.

3. Paid Trial Project | ~2 hours

Let's dive in and work on something "real." This challenge will test your web design experience and your expertise with the Webflow community.

Details: We'll share a brief with all the details and assets required for the challenge, as well as what we're looking for in a solution. We'll also be available throughout on our Slack thread if you have any quick questions or need our input along the way.

Time estimated: We estimate that the challenge will require a few hours to complete.