Last Updated January 23, 2022

Here’s the thing about humans: When we get together, it’s beautiful, but it can also get messy. Sometimes it’s beautiful because it’s messy. Since Clubhouse is a place where people gather in all kinds of ways, and talk about everything from potatoes to politics, we figured we’d better take the time to write out some ground rules. These guidelines exist so that everyone can feel as safe and comfortable as possible on Clubhouse (even when we’re having hard conversations). Whenever you stroll through the hallway or hop into a room, you’re agreeing to follow the guidelines listed here, and to encourage others not to violate them, too.

That’s one of the great things about community — people help each other, and hold one another accountable. We’re impressed with how respectful, kind, and generous Clubhouse people are with one another. Because of this, the overwhelming majority of rooms take place without incident. If you do see or hear something that breaks these community rules, please report it to us so we can take a look. Reports can lead our team to take a number of steps depending on the severity, including issuing a warning, removing the content, or removing someone’s account entirely.

Ok, enough with the preamble. Let’s get into it!

Be yourself (literally)

Behavior that’s not OK

Harassing people

Don’t harass anyone. Don’t make lewd propositions, use extreme insults, or celebrate or mock someone experiencing a tragedy. Don’t doxx people. Don’t share, threaten to share, or incentivize the sharing of other people's private information.

Hateful or discriminatory speech or conduct

Don’t incite hatred or discriminate against based on things like race, religion, national origin, caste, age, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, or disability. This covers, but is not limited to, slurs, insults, and conspiracies. Accounts whose purpose is to promote hateful conduct are absolutely prohibited, as are hate organizations.

Threats of violence

Don’t threaten violence or harm against any individual or group of individuals, glorify acts of violence against others, or encouraging others to commit acts of violence.

Trolling or disrupting the stage

Don’t behave in a way that intentionally disrupts or ruins the experience for other people, like joining a stage and making abusive statements or loud noises. If you feel compelled to randomly make air horn sounds, please seek help.

Content that’s not OK