The grants treasury will be used to fund projects that are ready to start mid-season and can’t or shouldn’t wait for the next season for funding. The treasury can also fund projects that don’t align with the current DAO priorities but align with its mission and values and warrant funding.

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Grants are given by the Grants Committee, from a treasury set aside for grant-based projects.

How to get funding

  1. Create a forum proposal using this template
  2. Achieve forum quorum (you can see requirements here)
  3. Submit your project in the Project Submission Form (link below in Resources for Projects)
  4. Grants Committee will tag your Project Champion to schedule a vote

Resources for Projects

Project Submission Form

Grants Committee Procedures

How to Apply for a Grant

📽️ Project Proposal Workflow

Committee Resources

Grants Committee Budget Tracker

Grants Committee Multisig

Grants Committee Documentation

Grants Committee Meeting Notes

Grants Committee S6 Tasks

Grants Committee Project List

S5 Project KPI Measurements

S6 Project KPI Measurements

Project Submissions

Season 7 Project KPI Measurements

S7 Members