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🎯 The mission 🎯

Our mission is to give users back their precious time by automating mundane and repetitive tasks with intelligent document processing. We do that by using deep tech with state-of-the-art AI technology presented with beautiful and intuitive UI.

In other words, we make processing any document in a company super easy.

Our customers benefit from more time that they can spend on creative, complex and challenging tasks - without the paperwork-induced frustration.

Sounds fun, right?

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👔 The positions 👔

Take a look at the open positions below.


Recruitment led by Kajetan Wyrzykowski.

(Senior) Content Marketer/Creator

(Senior) PPC/Growth Specialist


Recruitment led by Norbert Raus.

Azure DevOps Engineer

Frontend Engineer

Customer Success

Recruitment led by Karolina Cwojdzińska.

Customer Success Specialist

Back Office/Legal/HR

Recruitment led by Paweł Świątek.