Hygge is a modern welfare state led by an educated technocracy. Consensus-building, multistakeholderism and a project-based policy approach are essential to the Hygge way of life. Beware, however, that political processes and rubber-stamping do not hamstring you when disaster demands rapid response.

Hygge has **5 unique regen cards**; **5 unique one-time plays**.
In total it has **9 regen card**s, **6 total one-time plays**, grand total of **15 cards**.

*Build notes: Hygge is designed to be a late-game juggernaut, focused on mitigating
damage to infrastructure and making some wild economy plays. 
Its regen policies are powerful, but most of them require two of the same in hand.
Present version may be slightly overpowered.*

Hygge - Policy Cards