SnipNotes is a useful companion on your travels. Save your location or other addresses as new notes. SnipNotes automatically recognizes addresses and displays them on a map. You can also open addresses directly in Apple Maps, for example, to start navigation.


Save your current location

Open SnipNotes, tap the plus icon and select "Save Location". SnipNotes will determine your current location and save the address and its GPS coordinates in a new note.

You can also save your current location with Siri, see Siri Shortcuts.

Show addresses on a map

When SnipNotes detects an address in your note, it automatically displays a map at the top and highlights the location. You can save multiple addresses in a note, all of which are displayed on a single map.

Tap an address highlighted in blue to open it in Apple Maps. You can also specify a different map application, such as Google Maps, under "Note Actions" in the settings menu.

Swipe left on a note in the list of notes and tap the blue button to open the address directly in the Maps app. See Note Actions for more details.

What to do with unrecognized addresses?

If SnipNotes does not recognize an address or displays an incorrect location, save complete postal addresses with street name, zip code, and city if possible. This greatly improves the chances of correct recognition.

Alternatively, you can add GPS coordinates to your notes. If a note contains both an address and GPS coordinates, the coordinates are preferred for map display. Try the "Save Location" feature described above to see an example of an address with GPS coordinates.

Disable address detection