Carbon inventories are based on - or reduced to - the principles of life cycle assessment, following the steps :

The carbon inventories performed for the baseline and project scenarios will have to follow the GHG Protocol standards or equivalent. The accepted list of carbon accounting methodologies is as follows:

All measurements must be verifiable and scientifically documented, i.e.: the emission factors of inputs, products, co-products and processes must be derived from one of the reference database (e.g. ADEME's Base Carbone in France).

Data quality requirements

  1. Quality of the sources

It seemed essential to ensure the reliability of the data by choosing the most recognized sources. The EcoInvent database was chosen because of its reputation: it is cited in most specialized publications, and the processes studied are the most numerous among the available databases.

  1. Obsolescence

In all cases, we will choose the most recent data available: current for that coming from the Project, at most 3 years old for those coming from world statistics (INSEE, World Bank...).