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42 Wolfsburg Fellows [public]

We selected academic and industry Fellows to conduct collaborate with us, do research, start concrete projects with 42 students to help improve the 42 program. Below you find information about the Fellows who currently collaborate with us.

Note: Our Fellows decide to what degree they want to make their profile pages public or keep the more detailed info private to the community (meaning only visible for 42ers).

At 42 Wolfsburg we provide a dynamic and intellectually challenging environment for our fellows to pursue their interests, work with students and staff, and actively shape their fellowship. Inclusion, internationality, and transparency constitute the core of our identity. Therefore, we offer the fellowship in a hybrid format with work on site in Wolfsburg as well as remote. As a learning organization, we are always interested in getting ourselves reviewed, challenging existing practices, and launching new initiatives. Here, we offer some opportunities to get involved. You can find out more about industry and academic fellowship programs here.

@Fellows: You can create the profile completely free as you want or you just duplicate Philip's profile below and use it as a template to fill in your information.

42 Wolfsburg Fellows

@Fellows: You can subscribe/join following google groups to make yourself part of 42 Wolfsburg family and make students follow your footsteps!

  1. 42 Wolfsburg Fellows (Highly recommended to subscribe for all fellows)
  2. SEA:ME fellows (Highly recommended to subscribe for all SEA:ME fellows)
    1. Steering committee group
    2. Distributed & Embedded Systems Module
    3. Autonomous Driving Module
    4. Mobility Ecosystem Module
    5. Openness in Automotive and Mobility Ecosystem
  3. Diversity @ 42 Wolfsburg
  4. Entrepreneurship @ 42 Wolfsburg
  5. Happiness @ 42 Wolfsburg