<aside> 🇬🇧 Welcome to the 42 FabLab! Willkommen zum 42 Wolfsburg FabLab — unsere Arbeitssprache ist Englisch aber sehr viele sprechen Deutsch —- also denglish is total fein!



<aside> ☎️ If you have questions on the FabLab, you can always send a mail to fablab@42wolfsburg.de or directly talk to our FabLab Admin @Max Walter



Terms and Conditions

FabLab Projects

Workshop and House Rules

Lab Community Guidelines

Creativity Resources


If you want to become a member, please read our Terms and Conditions. You will find all relevant information in there!

Before using the FabLab for the first time, you will need to get a general safety introduction (ca. 30 min) from our Lab Lead Max Walter.

In our FabLab we are using a traffic light system to indicate which machines and tools you can use as a member

Machine Access Rules

🟢 without a course or instruction (most standard hand tools and furniture)

🟡 after a short check-in with staff (Max Walter) (advanced hand tools with minor safety concerns)

🔴 after a dedicated introduction course with the machine Owners.

Membership Structure

Our FabLab Lead Max Walter is coordinating all activities in the FabLab. He coordinates our membership requests, community activities, machine owners, purchases, general maintenance and enforces the house rules.

For every machine in the lab that needs special instructions, there is a student owner that coordinates the machine usage, instruction material and courses, maintenance, access rights and makes sure that the machine space is clean and operational.