42 Agency is what you would call a “micro marketing agency”. It's been in business since 2017 and it was mainly a solo operation, run by yours truly (Kamil Rextin).

I have close to a decade of marketing/growth/ops experience working in-house (Uberflip / Breather / CrowdRiff) and with clients like SproutSocial ($SPT NADSAQ), Uptick / Knak / Cin7. We love to work with B2B SaaS Companies that are looking to scale (3M+ in ARR) and that need the tech infrastructure / acquisition engine /process to help them do so successfully.

We help with:

Late last year Katie Paterson joined to help with some of our Ops projects. Katie has worked for the likes of Achievers / Expresso Capital / and other high growth organizations.

Why now:

I’m optimistic that things are swinging back after COVID and I've been having steady conversations with new prospects. To date,the business has been a mix of referrals from friends and clients.

As the business is humming along, there's a need to put more structure around how the business operates vs being in the weeds all the time.

That's where you come in 🙌🏽

You'll be supporting Katie and I with client + internal work. It'll be mostly client work, but with a little 42 Agencyproject management thrown into the mix to keep things interesting.

What you’ll doin a typical day:

Campaign Management & Media Buying:

You'll run and support with Paid Social and Paid Search campaigns. You'll be provided with a structure or framework (call it a brief) on creative, audiences, and budget, and you’ll put the campaign together and deploy it in Facebook Campaign Manager or Google Ads editor or LinkedIn etc.

You may also be putting together campaigns for other platforms like Taboola or Quora or Spotify – whatever we need to do to help clients achieve their goals.

If it’s an ABM campaign, you may be using some specific Display platforms like SixthSense ListenLoop or MetaData.

Reporting & Budgeting:

Every client will have a budget in mind, it'll be part of your responsibilities to pace or flight the campaigns so we don't overspend or underspend. We want to keep the spend consistent throughout the month with a daily pacing and perhaps a little extra towards the end of the month. You should be comfortable in spreadsheets to make rough matrixes of what the budget is and how much we'll allocate to each platform at the start of the month and keep on top of it daily during the month.