An overview of the Avochato Setup tab within Avo4SF and how to use it

I. What is it?

The Avochato Setup tab is a page within Salesforce the allows the SFDC admin to quickly configure their Salesforce instance to ensure the Avochato for Salesforce package is in pristine, working condition for their users. It also gives you insight into your current configurations so that you can check the health of your settings.

II. Where do I see it?

In order to access the Avochato Setup tab, simply click on the App Launcher in the upper left corner of the page (3 by 3 dots icon in the left side of the Salesforce header) and type "Avochato Setup" in the quick finder, then click the Avochato Setup link:

Don't see the Avochato Setup tab? Either your Avochato for Salesforce free trial expired (bummer, reach out to Avochato to extend the trial or buy on the AppExchange), or you just bought licenses on the AppExchange.

III. How do I use it?

The setup page has two main subtabs - the Essentials and Advanced sections.

A. Essentials

1. Sign up for Avochato

First step, get Avochato! If you installed the package through the AppExchange and you haven't created an Avochato account yet, click the blue "Sign Me Up" button and follow the Avochato sign up flow to get your messaging. If you already have an Avochato account, skip this step.

2. Assign your licenses

Assign licenses to the users that you'd like to have access to Avochato for Salesforce. You should have the number of licenses according to the seats you purchased via the AppExchange.

Click on the "Assign Licenses" button in order to see which users currently have a license and to assign your licenses accordingly.

<aside> ⚠️ If you're within the trial period or installed the package on a non-Production org, then there's no need to assign licenses. Once you've bought seats on the AppExchange, you need to apply the licenses manually following section II.2.A in the Quickstart installation guide (linked below)


How to apply Licenses after purchasing seats on the AppExchange