Thank you for joining our Magical Beta Testers program! We’re excited to have you test the latest and greatest features we’ve been working on at the Magical team.

Get started

1️⃣ Download the beta Extension release below. Note: Chrome might show a security prompt depending on your security settings but the file is safe. You can read more about CRX files here.


2️⃣ Go to chrome://extensions/

3️⃣ Toggle on developer mode (on the top right of the page)

4️⃣ Drag the file you downloaded into the extension page. You will see the version number update.

Note that you’ll still be able to access your existing shortcuts and transfers, and if you opt out of the beta program, you will still also be able to access any changes you made.

After Installing

Continue to use Magical as you normally do! We would especially love you to try our new dropdown feature by typing //. You can use shortcuts or variables from the dropdown like usual.

Let us know of any bugs or feedback you have in the Magical Beta Testers community you have already been added to. Alternatively, you can also email us.

If the beta release interrupts your normal usage of Magical, please feel free to uninstall and reinstall the production version of Magical. We would really appreciate your feedback so if this happens please let us know why you uninstalled!

Latest Features (Release 3.22):

✨ New and improved Magical dropdown. Type // to see the new magic! The dropdown is supercharged with better usability and search functionality.

✍️ Google Docs support. Shortcut expansions (typing the trigger) will work in Google Docs now.

🔍 URL Address bar support. To use shortcuts in the URL address bar, type //, hit tab, and then the trigger of the shortcut you want to use.

👥 Magical Workspaces. Companies who’ve joined our teams program will have access to our workspaces with shared shortcuts between users. Email us to join this program.

⏩ Performance improvements. Magical should be significantly faster with less lags.

Thank you for helping Magical continue to build a free world-class product.