👀Problem Statement

Design a referral flow for an online music learning app - Musify, where in users can refer the app to their friends and family, and help Musify increase their user base.

🤔How might we incentivize users to refer Musify to their peers?

The idea is to use a reward system - something like Google Pay does, and allow users to win rewards when they invite their friends. While designing this flow, I realized that a gamified version of winning rewards would also allow us to make use of "coins" that users earn when they watch the video lessons of their enrolled courses. Hence, this could help with user retention as well.

Background Context

Musify is an online music learning app, which allows users to access courses by the most qualified teachers in the industry, get personalized feedback, attend live sessions and improve their skills in Music. The app provides courses in several categories such as Guitar, Piano, Drums, Singing and Music Composition.

Users can purchase a single course, or buy a premium subscription, which allows them to get access to every single course on the platform.

👩🏿‍🤝‍👩🏼User Personas

These personas are of both referee and referrer since they are going to be our users nevertheless

  1. The Rockstar :  A professional musician who wants to break into, or is already working in the music industry
  2. The Hidden Star : A talented musician who loves music as a hobby, but pursuing something else professionally
  3. The Hobbyist : A hobbyist musician only looking to learn music for their own amusement and build a skill

🎯My goals