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The world we live in has changed.

A lot of people are worse off than they ever have been, without a real idea of when things will get better or even if they ever will.

People who were once resilient are finding themselves in challenging circumstances where their mental health is unravelling, or they're dealing with long-term health complications, or having to suddenly care for an adult member of their family.

As for people who were already in these situations, things have only got harder for them.

We often don't like to think about our work negatively affecting the people we want to help, but the reality is that all systems are capable of causing harm.

Worse still is not realising until the damage is done and pointed out by those who have suffered the consequences.

Goody Please breaks down these barriers by facilitating honest conversations on reducing harm using creative, participatory approaches that inspire compassion with the needs of at-risk customers.

Our principles

Smash the stigma We break down the barriers around difficult conversations with honesty and sensitivity. We act as facilitators, not saviours, to help you foster meaningful dialogues with at-risk customers so you can learn directly from them.

Community is key Solutions can't be built for people, they must be built with them. We believe in participatory design practices which engages those with lived experience in the solutions that benefit them. "Build with, not for." – Laurenellen McCann

Slower thinking, bigger impact It's tempting to think exciting, fast, tech-driven ideas can fix it all. However, the biggest problems are often too messy for a catch-all solution. Our approach makes time to reach out, listen, and transform feedback into long-term impact.

Create advocacy Always leave people better than you found them. By helping to mentor and up-skill members of your team, we leave a lasting legacy of people who champion those who are at-risk and continue the good work.

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