Pick a piece from your inspiration folder and a piece from one of your classmate's inspiration folder.

  1. Forge the sketches. During the first session, create preliminary drawings for each of the pieces—imagine what that artist must’ve drawn before the final—the rough sketch, the compositional breakdown, maybe even color studies. Feel free to go as rough and loose as you want—the aim is to dissect the final piece and attempt to re-trace the process of its creation.
  2. Re-create the first piece in the style of the second one, and vice versa. During the second session, make sketches for each of the two pieces as if they were drawn by the other artist. Take your time and make several smaller studies before you work on the main sketch—consider the composition and design as much as the style itself. While you should keep the pieces recognizable, if the two artists have very different treatment (flat and isometric), you can adjust the composition to reflect these differences.
  3. For the third session bring the two pieces re-created in their respective mediums. Do some research and try to understand how the artists worked and applied their tools. Try to remain anonymous during the whole process and dedicate yourself purely to the study of the pieces—you will inevitably fail, and that particulars of that failure can give you hints as to the development of your own style.

This assignment is less about producing an attractive illustration, and more about studying and understanding the way other artists work. Try to pick two styles that aren't close to each, in medium, style and cultural background.

Format: the format of the given pieces.