👨‍💻 Hacker in residence 👨‍🏫 Developer Advocate

📍San Francisco CA 🇺🇸 📍Barcelona 🇪🇸

📆 2013-2018

I was passionate by APIs so it felt natural to join a leader in the API management space, helping others execute their API strategy.

As a Developer Advocate I got the chance to give talks at meetups and conferences around the world, and sharing knowledge about API design and best practices with entrepreneurs.

I was part of the Marketing team, I was writing content and giving talks on API strategy.

Working in a cross-functional environment was really the highlight of this experience, I really enjoyed being close to product, sales and customers.

In Barcelona I helped coordinating API Meetup BCN, gathering the local community a few times every year. In 2016, I was a program chair for APIDays Barcelona dedicated to chatbots.