The global improvisation community has experienced a lot of change over the last year and a half, notably the transition from in-person to online education and performances.

The Nursery grew from an improv school based in and serving the London population, to an international school with students from over 48 countries. As we look around the classes and performances, we're seeing more people connecting from across the globe -- as students, performers, teachers, audiences and patrons. Thank you to everyone who joined us and helped make our online presence a success!

Just like the northern hemisphere welcomes Summer, we welcome the easing of COVID-19 lockdown restrictions and a growing population of fully vaccinated people within the United Kingdom and some places around the world!

After careful consideration, The Nursery will continue operating as an online-only school through to August 31st 2021. Why online? As our mission is "to bring improvisation as an art form to the lives and homes" of our global communities, being online is a very direct pathway to success. It allows us to continue to innovate our curriculum and improve accessibility to our exciting calendar of unique training offerings.

It allows us to further research how The Nursery will introduce hybrid programming and carry these innovations into the in-person experience. It gives us time to plan our in-person programming and COVID-19 safety precautions for the UK community in September.

In late July, we will provide another update that will include our online schedule, our hybrid solutions, and our return to in-person programming starting in September 2021.

Again, thank you for supporting us. If you have any questions or queries, please email

Image Description: A green background, with the logo of The Nursery and an illustration of a video call. The caption reads The Nursery will offer online-only classes till August 31st 2021