With the update to 3.0.0. Memex we'll launch our brand new sync and backup architecture, offering users multi-device sync, auto-backup and tablet support, also change in licenses.

Also Memex will go back-to-beta with all ongoing subscriptions waived.


What's changing:

  1. Memex now syncs across unlimited devices and provides auto-backup to the cloud.
  2. Memex Go, our mobile app, now supports annotating websites on tablet sized mobile devices
  3. Effective immediately, we are cancelling all ongoing subscriptions and Memex can be used 100% free to use while Memex is in beta.
  4. Memex and Memex Go are still local first tools. To facilitate the backup, sync and collaboration functionality, we also have a Firebase backend.
  5. Changing our open-source licenses to the 'Source Available' license 'PolyForm Noncommercial License 1.0.0'., allowing free use and modification of the code unless used for building a commercial product out of it.

Why are we waiving your subscriptions?

With the launch of the multi-device sync, a substantial part of our infrastructure is new, our collaboration features are in an early state and generally Memex has a lot of rough edges. At this point we don't feel comfortable charging you for the Memex service.

Instead we want to work with you in the next 6 months to get Memex to a state where we feel like the price matches the value you'll get out of it.

What you need to do

What took us so long to build this sync?!