<aside> <img src="https://rustlabs.com/img/items180/scrap.png" alt="https://rustlabs.com/img/items180/scrap.png" width="40px" /> The only item for sale on our vanilla servers is a very small VIP package that is not P2W and mainly provides skip queue to donators. Due to Facepunch's ToS, community (vanilla) servers are not allowed to sell kits, special perks, etc. like on our modded servers.

- Skip queue: jump in line if the server is full and get ahead of the crowd. - Colored name: apply a color or gradient to your name using this documentation. - Sign painter: go up to any sign, painting, etc. and type /sil <https://imageurl.png> to have an image be pasted on the sign, painting, etc. - make sure the image link is public and ends with .png, .jpg, etc.

How much does this cost? How long does it last? Where can I buy it?