When will I get approved?

Once you sign up and submit your documents, most company's are approved within 2-4 business days.

Who can be a customer?

Our typical card holder is an e-commerce business, performance marketer, ad agency, software business or startup that spends a significant amount of money on digital ads each year. We are a great fit for small to medium sized digital first businesses based in the US. In order to qualify, you must:

  1. Be registered in US

  2. Spend at least $5K each month on advertising.

I'm stuck on my application, what do I do?

If you get stuck in the dash.fi application email us at support@funneldash.com. Please include screen shots or video showing the problems you are experiencing.

Why do you need my social security number?

It's a requirement by law that we verify an individuals names, addresses and Tax ID. We need your social security number to verify you as a real person. We do not use your SSN to pull your credit.

Why do you need my residential address?

Dash.fi is required by law to verify the name, address and Tax ID for individuals. We need your residential address to fulfill that requirement.

Do I get a physical card?

No. You will use virtual cards for each of your digital expenses lie ad spend. We can issue a beautifical gold brushed and diamond encrusted physical card at your request once you reach Black Diamond status and are spending >$1M in monthly ad spend.