<aside> 💡 Find out everything you need to know about the “Loot boxes” on this page.

⇒ Loot boxes can be redeemed to receive a randomised virtual item for your NFTs. (See rewards and drops percentages below)

You can earn loot boxes by completing quests, levelling up and being active in our Discord Community Events. (see our Battle Pass below)


<aside> 👉 Relevant links:

💚 Discord: https://discord.com/invite/y6sFgThNby 🪵 Battle Pass: https://www.saplings.earth/battle-pass 🌳 Quests System: https://saplings.crew3.xyz/questboard 🐦 Twitter: https://twitter.com/saplingsNFT 🌱 Website: https://saplings.earth/


<aside> 🏗️ The items that you will receive through the quests and loot boxes system will directly be sent to your inventory.

Items can be from different categories: ***Accessories, Backgrounds, Furnitures, Poses etc.

Accessories**: Enable and disable accessories on your Character.

Backgrounds: Change the background used when taking a new picture of your NFT.

Poses: Play custom poses and animations on your Character.

Furnitures: You will be able to decorate your Garden with different items. (See demo screens below)

Embellish your home and make it the most unique, creative garden possible. ✨*


Frame 18.png

Frame 19.png

Frame 13.png

<aside> ⚪ 50% chance to get a “Common” item when opening a loot box.


Frame 22 (1).png

Frame 14.png

<aside> 🔵 30% chance to get a “Rare” item when opening a loot box.


Frame 23 (1).png

Frame 15.png

<aside> 🟣 15% chance to get an “Epic” item when opening a loot box.


Frame 24 (1).png