MicroSprint #1: Notion Profile

Add yourself to the Team Directory. You can design it to look any way you like. You can use mine as a template if you like.

The purpose for this is so we can both access and track your contributions.

Add your task to the chart below and provide the link once you are complete.

U4Ea Directory

U4Ea Roadmap

MicroSprint #2

Create a roadmap that highlights what you hope to learn and accomplish during your time with U4Ea. Please also include how many hours per week and when (if) you anticipate needing to conclude your internship. Finally, identify the resources required or questions that need answering in order for your to reach your goal (you can make requests at any time).

U4Ea Roadmap

MicroSprint #3

Share a WELLBEING INNOVATION you’d like to see or pursue.


In the world of WELLBEING TECHNOLOGY, please discuss, find sources and examples, and share your thoughts on the following, especially as it relates to your area of expertise (UI/UX, coding, marketing, sales, etc.):

***QUICK TIP: pasting the links where you source your information is helpful, especially if you find really useful quotes and data.