Hours of work and rest

The Rota: Rotas are issued for four-five week blocks. They will be issued at least two weeks before they begin. All rotas begin on a Monday and end on a Sunday.

Rotas are distributed through a cloud-based software, RotaReady You should report any access issues to a shift manager as soon as possible.

Hard copies will be posted in the Visitor Experience Office.

The Museum of Literature Ireland respects the work/life balance of its employees. Every attempt will be made to balance employee’s needs with those of the museum.

Time Keeping: We expect staff to arrive at MoLI ready to work. All shifts begin with a team briefing. Please ensure you have everything you need for your shift and your personal belongings are stored appropriately before the briefing begins.

Shift patterns: At MoLI, we have part time and full-time staff working a range of shift patterns. Your contract outlines the hours of work and rest that apply to you.

Availability: If you are a part-time staff member, the Visitor Experience Manager (or a designated shift manager) will contact you regarding your availability at least 3 weeks before the rota is due to begin.

Breaks: Rest arrangements are given in line with the Organisation of Working Time Act 1997. Specific information about your hours of work and rest can be found in your contract.

Swapping shifts: After the rota has been issued, employees are expected to work the shifts allocated to them. In the case of urgent need, an employee may seek to swap a shift with their colleagues. This should be a direct swap, one shift directly for another, wherever possible.

If an employee needs urgent time off and is unable to find a swap, they should speak to their line manager. There is no guarantee time off can be facilitated once the rota has been issued.

If an employee makes a swap they should inform the Visitor Experience Manager and all Visitor Experience Team Leaders by email using the cc function. The shift manager will check the swap is suitable (by considering shift patterns, payroll implications etc.). The swap will be confirmed or refused by return email.

It is best practice not to confirm any plans until the swap has been confirmed.

Changes will be updated on the live rota so incoming employees can see who they are working with.

Unexpected Absence

We expect our staff to work the shifts they have been scheduled for and to arrive for them promptly and prepared. However, we recognise that there will be cases when staff need unexpected time off.

We are committed to fairness and compassion in situations where staff must be absent from work unexpectedly. In all cases, staff must contact their line manager or on duty shift manager to advise of their absence in as much notice as possible, at a minimum before their working day begins.

During work hours, you should contact the Visitor Experience Office (###) as soon as possible to speak to a Shift Manager. Outside of working hours, please call the incoming Shift Manager. It is important that you speak to a Shift Manager directly. Shift Managers are listed on the Team View Rota available on Google Drive.

Shift Managers: If you are a shift manager and cannot attend your scheduled shift, contact the Head of Operations as soon as possible.

Non-Attendance: If you do not turn up for a scheduled shift, and have not contacted the shift manager or your line manager, your line manager may begin the discipline process. To find out more about discipline at MoLI, refer to the Code of Conduct in Section 3 below.