The focus here is completely on Product Management for digital technology. The life of a Product Manager may be completely different when you think of, for example, FMCG or packaged goods.

The Mission of Product Management

The glorifying statement:

As Product Managers, it is our core responsibility to build winning products that deliver great value to customers.

A bit more down to earth:

The Product Manager is the champion, the evangelist, the strategist, the voice of the customer.

And as Marty Cagan puts it:

As Product Managers, our job is to build products that our customers love, yet work for our business.

<aside> 💡 Product Management shall understand the real need of the customer.


Essentially, Product Management is needed to avoid situations as depicted with the ill-famous example of a tire swing:

As illustrated, there are gaps and misconceptions all along the lifecycle. The primary job of Product Management is to gain a deep understanding of the customer's needs and deliver a solution that serves these needs.

<aside> 💡 Product Management is cross-functional.


In essence, PM is working at the intersection of customers, business and technology:

<aside> 💡 For that, Product Management connects essentially to the entire organization.


When the Product Manager works at an Enterprise B2B company, the situation gets even more complicated as there are more stakeholders to consider:

More details will be discussed in B2C vs. (Enterprise) B2B, but in a nutshell the additional aspects are: