We calculate your future media provider payments based on your current subscription and your providers’ announced annual increase, or their standard contractually allowed increase. We compare this to your last 12 months of payments to find your expected increase.

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In most cases we can retrieve information from our data partners about your household’s satellite & cable TV ****payments. If we can’t, then we take an average UK TV package in combination with the announced price rises and use this to calculate an assumed forecast.


How our calculation works

First we remove any initial payments to providers, as these may include installation costs. Then we look at your recent payments to work out a daily rate for this provider and service. We project this over the next 12 months, taking into account any price increases as described in the assumptions we make. Finally, we compare this to your last 12 months payments (again removing an initial payment) to calculate your 12 month increase.

Assumptions we make

Limitations of our calculation

Your forecast is an estimate only. We use published mid-contract price rises as the basis for this forecast. If you are currently out of contract then these rises will not fully reflect how your prices will change over the coming 12 months.

Last updated: April 2022

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