The Preferences option in the taskbar dropdown menu is where you can customize Lifeline to suit your personal workflow style.

To accommodate a variety of work styles, we have grouped the different features of Lifeline in Preferences. By default, most of them are turned off, so as to not overwhelm new users. The features and options get introduced slowly over the course of the Product tour as you get more familiar with the application.

Below an overview of the different sections and what each of the options can do for you. Items with a ✅ are turned on by default for new users, all others are switched off.

🌴 Basics

Time format: display 24 hour, am/pm, or day phases as time units on your Lifeline.

Play sound effects: hear sounds, for example when a 🍅 pops out of your Lifeline, when you reach the halfway point of your session, and so on.

Signal session midway point: turn this on and Lifeline will notify you when you're halfway through your session.

Expand Lifeline on menu bar mouse-over: check this option if you want Lifeline to also expand when you have your mouse on the Apple menu bar at the top of your screen (instead of just when you hover over Lifeline itself).

Always hide Lifeline bar: Lifeline will only show up when you move your mouse over it when you activate this option.

Zoom in during sessions: turn this off to keep Lifeline on 24-hour view during your timed sessions.

🤖 Automation

Launch Lifeline on startup: automatically launch Lifeline when you turn on your computer. This is highly recommend so that Lifeline captures all your time spent at the screen.

🔴 Automation not configured correctly: this red light will show up at the bottom of the Automation section if Lifeline doesn't have the necessary system permissions. Click the Grant permission button and Lifeline will walk you through the necessary steps to get this set up.

Auto-launch session after XX minutes of activity: this launches a session when Lifeline detects XX minutes of activity iat your computer without being in a session. This is a nice "backup" for when you forget to manually start the timer. The default value is five minutes.

Warn XX seconds before launching a break: this will show an idle countdown timer (and sound) before Lifeline ends your session and starts a break when inactivity is detected. The default value is 20 seconds.

Consider you idle after XX minutes of inactivity: this value determines when Lifeline considers you inactive (i.e., after how many minutes of no mouse and keyboard activity). The default value is two minutes.

📈 Tracking & analysis

Show label input window on: allows you to configure when you see a session label input window. You can select multiple options:

Reuse previous label: automatically adds the previous session's label to your new session.

What to display on your Lifeline? By default you see 🍅 on your Lifeline. Using this option, you can display emoticons from your session labels 🏷️ instead, or turn off all visuals on your Lifeline.

📅 Planning