This is meant to quickly capture some quick community-related documentation for https://github.com/ipfs/helia. If this becomes the official place for community documentation, then it should be linked from the repo. Otherwise content here should move into the repo itself.

Demo days

Info/signup: https://lu.ma/helia

Past recordings: https://www.youtube.com/watch?list=PLuhRWgmPaHtQAnt8INOe5-kV9TLVaUJ9v

Runbook for running the meeting

2023-02-27 initial stab:

  1. Start zoom cloud recording once the meeting starts
  2. Make a request in FIL Slack #shared-pl-marketing-requests requesting the zoom recording be added to the Helia demo playlist:

Access the Zoom Account

The zoom-ipfs-community@protocol.ai Zoom account is used. The account’s credentials are stored in 1password. Contact @Steve (biglep) or @Daniel Norman if you need access. This Zoom account is welcome to be used by anyone who is hosting IPFS community/working group calls.

Anyone can join using https://protocol.zoom.us/my/ipfscommunity. No waiting room or passcode required at least as of 2022-11-10.

Luma Management

The Luma event series can be managed at https://lu.ma/studio/events/manage/evt-mOZCVIz7l7BJ6Fn. It requires being a host or manager which as of 2023-02-27 includes:

  1. @Steve (biglep)
  2. @Alex Potsides
  3. @Daniel Norman