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“Titania Veda is an effective communicator, a curious learner, and a terrific partner. In our project together, she worked co-creatively with diverse leaders to distill complex stories of institutional change into powerful stories.”

— Nina Simon, Spacemaker & CEO of OF/BY/FOR ALL

“At LessonsUp we help seniors use modern technology. Titania worked with us to design and conduct user research to learn how to best support seniors as they learn to navigate modern tech. Both our tech instructors and customers loved working with her, and we learned what we needed to do to revamp our website to make it user-friendly for seniors. We are SO impressed with Titania’s human, empathic approach, and can’t wait to work with her again! Big thank you from all of us at LessonsUp!”

— Malinda Coler, Founder of LessonsUp

I had the good fortune to work with Titania on a project in which she was the lead strategist. We were asked to create a promotional video for an organization determined to eradicate violence against women and girls. Within this project, there was a tremendous amount of background to download, as well as complex client requests and logistics. Initially, I was overwhelmed. Not Titania, however. Titania not only set us up for success with a smart, clear strategy that summarized a shocking amount of information, but somehow had the answer to any question I could throw out her. She kept us on track and moving forward, in spite of a short timeline and limited resources. Her ability to understand volumes of nuanced background and translate this into intelligent and insightful fenceposts made our success possible. Her mastery of the work and confidence in her own conclusions were nothing short of impressive. On top of this, Titania is a sheer delight to work with. Her positive attitude, sense of humor, willingness to collaborate and desire to change the world make her a fantastic addition to any team. 11 out of 10 I would work with her again.

— Colin Quinn, former Senior Copywriter at Purpose PBC

“Titania is extremely hard working, a collaborator, and a leader within teams. While working for the City of Austin on an ambitious project to understand the experience of homelessness in our community she single handedly completed a content audit at a local shelter, developed and tested wayfinding tools, took the lead on recruiting and organizing a lived experience advisory a group, and managed a team that developed a website to communicate about our research and initiatives. It would not have been a successful project without her!”

— Taylor Cook, Program Manager of the Innovation Office of the City of Austin

Titania was an incredibly helpful partner in our content strategy and conversation design. She helped us come up with and test hypotheses around the user experience, and make sense of our findings. She also helped me translate my vision into concrete experiences and content. We're so grateful!