<aside> πŸ’‘ Notion Tip: Use this template to provide a platform for employees to reach their goals and improve employee retention, creating a culture of transparency, open feedback and investment in employee growth.


<aside> πŸ“‹ Manager: @Andrea Lim


<aside> πŸ‘€ Employee: @Ben Lang



Use the space below to clearly define the issue that needs to be addressed within the employee's performance. This section should include an objective description of the issue.

Proposed solution

This section helps clarify the steps they need to take to improve their performance. This section outlines the specific actions that need to be taken, the timeframe in which they should be taken, and any additional resources that the employee may need to be successful

  1. Increase outbound customer contact: Ben will increase outbound customer contact by 20% over the next three months.
  2. Develop new sales strategies: Ben will develop and practice new sales strategies with his manager over the next three months.
  3. Set aggressive sales goals: Ben will set weekly and monthly sales goals with his manager that are 15% higher than his current monthly sales targets.
  4. Monitor progress: Ben’s manager will meet with him monthly to review his progress and assess any adjustments needed to his sales strategies, customer contact, and goals.

Check-in points

This section allows for the manager and employee to set up times to discuss progress on the plan. During these check-in points, the employee and manager can review the expectations and deadlines set forth in the plan and discuss how the employee is meeting these goals.

January 1, 2023 β€” First check-in

February 1, 2023 β€” Second check-in

March 1, 2023 β€” Third check-in