Get Started

WARNING: This API is in beta, and we don't make any guarantees about its stability. In particular, the map format is constantly undergoing revision, and the only way to really understand it is to call getMap on generated maps in Gather. Post in our developer forum with any questions!

We also recommend subscribing to our developer updates here to be alerted to upcoming API changes!

  1. Generate an API key for yourself at
  2. Read the API reference and try out the various endpoints
  3. If you want to do something with maps, call /getMap on various spaces made in Gather, that contain elements you want to use, to understand the maps format.

Usage Examples/Inspiration

Poster upload example


Gather door

Door in the Gather Office that adds and removes wall tiles to simulate a password protected door.


NeurIPS automation

This was a big conference. They autogenerated a lot of poster sessions, and have graciously open sourced their scripts. No promises on usability or how up to date they are


API Reference

NOTE: forward slashes in space Id need to be replaced by backslashes (e.g. dkj63wrer8/space becomes dkj63wrer8\\space)

NOTE: Content-Type may have to be explicitly set to application/json