We provide a budget of USD 3,200 (excl. tax) to fund infrastructure for new team members. As always, please be reasonable and spend the budget on things that you need. It's Ok If you want to delay the orders till later in case you have gear already. We are flexible, and the budget stays. You can always order additional gear later if you do not need it right now.

<aside> 🌐 Please buy the infrastructure within budget with your Spendesk virtual cards (request a single use card, how to). Approvals will be through Morgan via Spendesk when you request the amount for your tech. Reimbursement is a possibility if Spendesk does not work for you.


<aside> ℹ️ Company info for ordering ( 🚨Please always use this as the billing address 🚨):

Checkly GmbH Kopernikusstraße 35 10243 Berlin VAT ID: DE332316406

🚨 If all the above information is not included on the invoice, you will have to re-request this! 🚨


<aside> 📣 Disclaimer: a laptop bought with this budget is a company laptop. This means that:


Most of our employees do use the following standard gear:

  1. MacBook Pro We insist on Macs as they come with malware protection, which we need to be SOC2 compliant.
    1. 16GB RAM
    2. 512 GB SSD
  2. Monitor of your choice. Let @Morgan know what you are thinking and she can guide you.
  3. Keyboard & mouse of your choice (if needed)

🔁 Laptop replacement

Team member laptops can be replaced after 3 years of use. The process is the same as described above for first-time purchase of a company laptop. Approvals will go through Morgan via Spendesk.

Your old company laptop will need to be wiped after you have set up your new company laptop, including ******************************************installing Drata Agent!

You can keep the laptop after 3 years.