Below are our questionnaires that must be completed in order for us to prepare your tax return. All information is stored securely and social security numbers and birth dates are not e-mailed. While completing the questionnaires one can click on Save to save the information entered and return to it later. The system allows you to enter your e-mail in order to receive a link to the saved questionnaire. It is important to enter your e-mail in order to retrieve the saved information.

If you need assistance completing the forms please contact our office and we will be happy to help you. If you want to complete them are our office please schedule an appointment to do so. We will have a tablet that you can use and our staff will be available to assist as needed.

If we are preparing an individual return then the Individual Tax Questionnaire must be completed. If you have a business or received income reported on a 1099-NEC form then you must also complete the Business Tax Questionnaire.

Individual Tax Questionnaire

All clients requiring an individual tax return to be prepared must complete this Questionnaire. The questionnaire is interactive and additional questions may be asked depending on selections made.

Business Tax Questionnaire

All clients that operate a business including individuals that receive a 1099-NEC must complete this questionnaire. If you operated multiple businesses you must complete a questionnaire for each business. (Farm and rental income questions are on the individual return and thus a business questionnaire does not have to be completed.)

Non- Profit Questionnaire

All non-profit clients will need to complete this questionnaire.

Estate/Trust Questionnaire

All Estates and Trusts will need to complete this questionnaire.

Third Party Assistance

The following questionnaires and tax agreement are for use when a third party completes the information for the tax payer. Once completed the third party will receive a copy of the questionnaire and will need to print the e-mail and obtain the taxpayer’s signature. The tax agreement below will need to be printed and signed by the taxpayer.