updated: January 20, 2022

Pei-En Li

Urban Planner

Based in NL ✈️ Traveling the World 💻 Work Globally

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Key Expertise




People-oriented urban planning is my passion. I like to focus on the needs of stakeholders and their engagement, providing expertise to solve complex problems for residents, government departments, and more. In each planning project, I often consider the local social and cultural background and provide innovative ideas by analyzing and reviewing the actual situation in the city. I have 1-2 years of working experience in this field. I am responsible for researching regulations and policies providing professional advice to clients at work, and I have also worked with government departments on planning projects and producing project reports. In addition, I have rich internship experience in Taiwan and China and have participated in various urban planning and design workshops in different regions. In addition, participating in community organizations and NGOs interests me most during my spare time. Execute projects with ambitious colleagues of diverse backgrounds. Offering my expertise to achieve project goals keeps me motivated and looking forward to bringing brilliant ideas to the city.



Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies

of Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands

MSc Urban Management and Development


National Taipei University of Education, Taiwan