20 questions to spark gratitude - Clare Wassermann

1. When was a time you were truly proud of yourself?

2. What is the nicest compliment someone has ever given you?

3. Has a stranger ever helped you out during a difficult time? What happened?

4. What is something you thought you could never do, but you proved yourself wrong?

5. Have you ever had plans go completely awry, but you had a great time anyway? How did you make the best of it?

6. What’s the best sound in the world?

7. Describe the most comfortable bed you can imagine.

8. Has a piece of music ever moved you to tears? What was it?

9. What never fails to make you laugh?

10. What was your favourite gift you received as a child?

11. Who was your favourite neighbour?

12. Describe something someone has done that has made you feel truly loved.

13. What was the most beautiful sunset you’ve ever seen?

14. Have you ever had a negative impression of someone that changed once you got to know them?

15. Have you ever had someone at a restaurant, hotel, airport or other place of business go above and beyond for you? What did they do?

16. Describe a smell that brings back happy memories.

17. Describe something interesting you’ve learned from someone from another culture.

18. What daily convenience are you most thankful for?