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The strategy for our Readiness program is to provide more accountable and active operations at the same time allow for more activity around general gaming. "Burn-Out" is a serious effect in the MilSim world and with Gaming. This readiness and sustainment model is designed to give members a very immersive experience and at the same time provide a way for members to unwind from the chaos of MilSim Operations.

This strategy will undoubtedly alter the dates in which our operations take place. All effort will be made to schedule operations well in advance and our entire training calendar for the year will be published on our Official Unit Calendar.

Additionally, Friday night Fights and other weekly events will still be scheduled and announced. However, participation requirement in the weekly events will be determined by which phase the unit is currently in.

This Strategy does not apply to IET soldiers. This plan outlines the readiness flow of 3SFG OD-A teams and their members.

PHASES (28 Day Cycle)

RESET (1 Week 7 Full Days)

Immediately following 3SFG Deployment Operations, the unit will enter into a reset period. During this reset period all Activity Requirements listed in the Unit SOP will be suspended. Members of 3SFG are encouraged to use this time to engage in other activities. There will be no requirement to participate in any official 3SFG activities.

Team Commanders are to highly encourage their team members to engage in other games and activities during this time. Of course, players will still want to play Squad and you may do so in Pub matches only.

Uniform requirement during this Reset period will also be amended to allow for members to participate in Pub matches, Scrims, Tournaments outside of uniform. Keep in mind however, that you still represent 3SFG and Code of Conduct still applies. You are not authorized to wear 3SFG tags during any Skrim or Tournament that is not approved during Reset phase.

TRAINING PHASE (2 Weeks, 14 Full Days)

Teams will immediately begin their individual training phases once they are out of Reset. During this phase, all members and teams are required to meet all Team Combat Training (TCT) and Weekly Events (FnF). Members may at anytime go on Leave of Absence(LOA) and this will remove their activity requirements for this phase. This phase is essentially business as usual. Currently, Teams are required to hold at least one TCT per week during Training phase. Members must adhere to uniform policy while in the game of Squad, regardless of their activity. "Pubbing" on any server requires members to be in uniform. Scrims and Tournaments are authorized, so long as Command has approved the event to be open to OD-A members.

READINESS (1 Week, 7 Full Days, To Include Deployment)

During Readiness phase all teams will prepare for our operational deployment. The OPORD for this operation would have been issued at the beginning of Training phases, giving commanders two weeks to plan their TCT's to prepare their teams for the upcoming mission. During Readiness Phase, activity requirements for weekly events such as Friday night Fights will be in effect. Members will be required to attend 1 TCT Training during this week as well as weekly event.


3SFG Members will deploy and conduct military operations and complete missions directed by 3SFG Command. Deployment operations are an activity requirement and all 3SFG Members will need to attend if not excused by Rule #1 policies. LOA Members are also excused. Your Team Commanders should be aware of your absence and able to provide OD-B with notification their member cannot attend.