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What's new since 0.12.0?

There were new important changes in the app in the last weeks, especially regarding sentence correction! Make sure you update to the current version, 0.12.4!

↗️ You can now save corrections after a match or challenge. When you receive a match correction, they will show up in your play tab. Or you can save what you get on the challenge results. Later you can review these corrections in the library tab or during a match

♻️ Swap for more word tips! Now you can rotate the suggestions you get after unlocking the word tips for an image

🍏 Apple Sign-In (iOS-only)

👉 Giving a correction no longer interrupts the match and forces your partner to rewrite the sentence

👉 Now you can see your past bookmarks (and corrections) during a match

👉 Improvements to the design of the friends tab