Tarjimly Cares enables companies and organizations to easily activate their employee and community base towards social good. We provide everything you need to make high-impact, skill-based, remote, on-demand volunteering opportunities available.

Tarjimly's mission is to eliminate language barriers for refugees and humanitarians. We do this by mobilizing our community of thousands of everyday bilingual volunteers as remote translators. They are immediately notified through the Tarjimly Mobile App when someone needs their help. They can Accept or Reject requests at their convenience, which is why we need thousands of volunteers to maintain Tarjimly's fast response time.

This proven method is especially helpful in this time of social distancing, where remote volunteering is becoming even more critical and immigrant communities are some of the hardest hit by COVID-19. Volunteers can even earn one of our Tarjimly Certifications giving them a professional skill-building asset for their time and effort.


Employee Engagement Program

Since many teams are working from home, Tarjimly’s signature engagement program enables meaningful purpose and connection in a fully virtual environment.

From facilitating internal team-building through our goal-setting and community-based workshops to assessing engagement metrics and sharing semiannual impact reports, we work closely with you to ensure a strong experience for your team. We dedicate a staff member to the entirety of your long-tail program, offering:

Training & Onboarding

Program Delivery, Execution

Support to Impact Analysis, Storytelling & Giving


Sponsorships and Grants

Beyond the employee engagement program, your support for our operations would allow us to grow our impact by our 30% target this year through a mix of the following opportunities:

Support 10 new partnerships

Launch Tarjimly Talent

Launch video calls

Launch HIPAA compliance

And more!

Tarjimly can integrate an employee-matching program to support or supplement your financial contribution through Benevity, YourCause, BrightFunds, etc.



How it Works

We leverage cutting-edge technology to recruit and train a vibrant community of 13,000+ on-demand bilingual volunteers. We support 60+ languages in 60 seconds or less!

Tarjimly Cares offers two opportunities for your company: Employee Engagement Program and Sponsorships & Grants