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👋 Presentation

Hivee is a smart marketplace specialized in second-hand home furniture. It is powered by an algorithmic model that remove every single friction in the process of buying and selling used furniture.

Hivee’s vision

Hivee vision is to help everyone build the interior design of their dream.

The value proposition is to help consumers build the home interior of their dream in a sustainable, inexpensive and easy way.

Etymology of Hivee 🐝

Hivee is actually the metaphorical version of a “House”.

“Hivee” refers to the “Hive” of the bees. Bees build their house (their Hive), step by step with bee’s wax, as well as human is doing it - piece of furniture by piece of furniture - with their home.

🤝 Our product mission

Creates an end-to-end, peer-to-peer marketplace solution that is so frictionless, that it’s become the unique way to deal second hand home furniture in North America.

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