I will drive continuous improvement and implement efficient systems to support your marketing and operations.



I'm Kevin Rasmussen.

I have a strong passion for self-education and growth. I have taken courses on trading in the forex market, economics, personal training, and now I'm going through one on social media marketing. On top of that, I regularly read and listen to books. Day by day, I gain more insight into subjects of interest, new perspectives, and new ways of thinking. I like to challenge my mind and body every day.

I create Facebook ads and have experience making some for a Forex Trading company. I identified and marketed to their target market and built a live chat for their website using Zendesk. After becoming a certified personal trainer, I built a personal fitness brand and website, selling supplements and products in my articles. I utilize Google Analytics to track users' engagement and information, enabling me to adjust marketing strategies to reach more users to sell products. Additionally, I’ve built an engaging newsletter sequence.

I find satisfaction in being effective and efficient in my professional roles and projects. I know the value of staying focused and being persistent and seeing that persistence translate to profitable results.  I’m excited to help you improve your marketing or operational efforts and support your company’s growth!

What I can do for you:

<aside> 👇 Below are some of my top projects, tech tools and experiences on display!


📜 Projects

I Built My Own Fitness Brand and Website From Scratch

I designed the format, wrote educational and promotional articles, and reduced friction to promoted products.

I Built a Zendesk Live Chat For a Forex Trading Company

Now website users can more easily communicate with the Forex Signals Company.

I Created Facebook Ads For a Forex Trading Company