1. Go to the Google Cloud Console and create or use an existing project. Then go to APIs and service and click "+ CREATE CREDENTIALS" and select "OAuth client ID"


  1. Choose "Web application" for the client type

  2. For the Authorised Javascript origins put [<https://secoda.company.com>](<https://secoda.company.com>) and http://secoda.company.com

  3. For the Authorised redirect URIs put https://secoda.company.com/auth/realms/secoda/broker/google/endpoint and


  1. Click Save

  2. Save the client id and secret that are generated


  1. Go to [<https://secoda.your-company.com/auth>](<https://secoda.your-company.com/auth>) and click on Identity Providers in the left hand navigation menu of Keycloak


  1. Click "Add provider..." and select Google

  2. Add your client ID and secret to the input boxes and click Save

  3. Enjoy using Google SSO